I provide services to teenagers, adults and seniors.

If you are seeking a specific therapeutic approach, e.g., mindfulness, please let me know at your first appointment or contact me to discuss other options that are available.

Main Therapies Provided


DBT has three core components in addition to mindfulness: interpersonal effectiveness (learning how to develop rich and meaningful interactions and relationships); distress tolerance (finding resilience to cope during critical moments); and emotion regulation (strategies to help manage and avoid turbulent emotional experiences).


CBT is a broad approach that encompasses many techniques and applications. CBT is often used to help people reflect upon their thoughts, behaviours and self-beliefs in a way that allows them to find relief, solutions to problems, and enhance their self-esteem.


Sometimes people require therapy that focuses on early experiences in life. Schema therapy is a detailed form of therapy that helps people resolve deep, underlying issues that generate distress and dysfunctional patterns. Schema therapy can sometimes be useful when other forms of therapy have not helped people reach their goals.


ACT works on the notion that attempting to suppress mental events is not helpful. Instead, ACT promotes experiencing negative thoughts with acceptance and non-judgement, complemented by using mindfulness and defusion. ACT also encourages us to follow our deeper values in order to enhance our quality of life.